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I started taking photographs long before I became a physician. As it turned out, it became a life-long habit. There are a lot of similarities between photography and medicine including the fact that they both force us to see and appreciate life's countless miracles, whether they be within us, as in the case of medicine, or around us, as in the case of photography. There are no particular over-arching themes here; just making photographic images of scenes and subjects that I found beautiful and interesting. For the sake of "transparency", the few photos that were digitally modified beyond minor adjustments are designated as "Photo-Art".

As a practicing physician, I am also constantly looking for ways to help my indigent patients pay for some of their medications, transportation, and utility bills, just to name a few. I have set up a "CAP" (Care for AIDS Patients) fund at my hospital just to help out with such expenses, but I hope to broaden this assistance program to other patients as well. There are simply not enough funds for indigent people to have a decent life that many of us take for granted. I, therefore, decided to set up this gallery not only as a way of sharing my favorite pictures with others, but also as a way of helping--- in a perhaps small way--- the less fortunate people among us. As such, all proceeds from the sale of prints posted on this site will go toward assisting the indigent.

I hope you enjoy viewing the pictures in my gallery as much as I enjoyed taking them. Take your time. Marvel, as I have, at the beauty and the miracle of life around us whether it be a rainbow adorning the horizon after a mid-afternoon rainfall, a curious dog peeking through a fence, or a beautiful butterfly impatiently flying from flower to flower. I hope you agree that these photographs may well be the "best shots" a doctor can offer. Thank you for visiting my gallery.

Farrin A. Manian, MD, MPH

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