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Question   Photography
Awesome photos! Awesome name!

- Farrin Fleming 7/16/2009 7:48:00 PM

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Question   Meramac Jewels
My husband and I loved to go trout fishing at Maramac. These two pictures brought back wonderful memories I have of my husband. I am defintely going to buy these prints from you as you certainly captured the beaty of the springs. It will also be an added bonus to be helping others. I know how hard it is to have a sick family member and to be worried. Thank you.

- Sue Mersch 3/5/2009 11:41:22 AM

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Question   Aww struck
You are an wonderful and inspiring person!! I love that you have found a creative way to sell your pictures and also help those is serious need. If only other people in the world were half as thoughtful. Keep up the amazing work your pictures are fantastic!

- Jessica Fleenor 3/5/2009 7:08:22 AM

  Answer Thanks for taking the time and looking at my gallery. It's a privilege to be able to help the less fortunate among us. I appreciate your kind words.

Best Regards,

Farrin A. Manian, MD

- Farrin M.  3/5/2009 2:37:16 PM

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Question   beuty
Fantastic! Your pictures are such a nice respite from this world's worries. Thank you for taking them!

- linda warren 3/5/2009 5:47:07 AM

  Answer Thank you, Linda, for your encouraging words. I am glad you like the website.

Best Regards,

Farrin A. Manian, MD

- Farrin M.  3/5/2009 2:39:27 PM

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Question   Pure poetry
Doctor Manian, I believe you have the soul of a poet. Love your pictures! You are doing a wonderful thing. My problem is deciding which pic I want.

- Barbara Weidner 3/4/2009 9:31:21 PM

  Answer Thank you Barb. I am not sure if I deserve all the compliments!

Best Regards,

Farrin A. Manian, MD

- Farrin M.  3/5/2009 2:40:58 PM

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Question   Pricing
Dr. Manian,

Your photographs are beautiful. I was just wondering the prices and sizes of these wonderful pictures. Thank you!

- Tom & Dianne Aleto 3/4/2009 8:59:34 PM

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